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  • juil 12 / 2014
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Rendering Engine – Unreal or Unity would make it better than our engine

We have been working for about three months on a new rendering engine for Ragged Edge. We had reached nice results but the visual quality is far from current render engine on the market. We may think of using a commercial game engine instead of wanted to write one. This would let us more time to move on the game content.

– Unreal 4

This is a nice engine. Christophe is currently working with it for a AAA game with chinese company Virtuos. The render is really excellent (PBR) and the editor is very good looking. The full source code is provided and the price is very low. This would be a real nice choices. Alexandre will start training with it. We only fear that the engine is too heavy in memory and CPU power but we need to make some tests with it. Some nice features are announces (export for consoles and mobile platforms), let’s follow this.

– Unity

This is the current choice for many many indies. The game engine is easy and « all in one ». There are much assets and code available. The community is very large. Unity 5 is planned for early next year and annouce very high performance and rendering level. This would be a interesting choice for us. The price is not too high. Alexandre already worked with Unity and know it well. We used the lightprobes computation for our current PC engine. This gave some nice results.

Let’s follow this.